Check yourself

If the past few days have taught us anything about our new president, it is that changes are coming and they are coming fast. Of the 17 executive orders that Trump has issued, the recent order on immigration has had the most sweeping effects, and the most backlash. Protests are springing up all over the country. Judges are issuing stays against enforcement. Lawyers are setting up shop in airports nationwide to help weary travelers.

Though by its own terms the order only effects travelers from seven middle eastern countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Syria and Somalia), anybody that could potentially be exposed would be wise to take a good look at their status. Travelers on student visas, work visas, and even green card holders will be looked at with higher scrutiny. Knowing now how quickly policy can change, any non-citizen should take a good look at what the potential is for them to face interrogation or detention before making travel plans.

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