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Restraining orders bring a whole host of complications to relationships. If you need to apply for an order, or defend the issuance of an order, I can help.

If there is an order in place and you are accused of violating the order, do not delay! The office of the district attorney will take these allegations seriously, and you should have someone to zealously represent your own interests.



Whether you are charged with simple possession or distribution, the Commonwealth has a lot to prove in these cases, and you have a lot to lose. Be prepared to defend yourself vigorously with the help of an attorney well versed in this state’s drug laws.


oui defense

A drunk driving charge can happen to anybody. The laws are strict and complicated. If you are pulled over while under the influence, you run the risk of losing your license, fines, and possible jail time. 

Do not go it alone! An experienced OUI attorney such as myself can help you to avoid these consequences, and mitigate the accompanying collateral effects.

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