The legal system can feel like one large maze of court dates, forms to fill out, and unfamiliar rules. If you have been recently arrested or charged with a crime, you may be looking for a lawyer who can help you navigate these challenges and help you find your way through them. 

Criminal defense attorneys use their experience, legal strategies, and knowledge of the court system to get you the best possible outcome in court. Here are just a few of the things that you can expect your lawyer to do for your case. 

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Investigate All Allegations 

Once you have been formally charged with a crime, you can expect that your attorney will investigate all of the charges against you. They will not rely on the evidence handed over by prosecutors but will likely do their own investigations including talking to witnesses, scoping out the crime scene when possible, and hiring a private investigator if needed. 

Analyze Evidence 

Any evidence in the case will be investigated by your lawyer. Not only will they review the evidence themselves but potentially hire an expert that could testify for you to give their expert testimony. 

Evidence could include scientific finds, witness testimony, photographs, videos, fingerprints, or DNA evidence. It could also include documentary evidence, meaning documents that help prove the case. 

Negotiate On Your Behalf 

In some criminal cases, negotiations are conducted between the prosecution side and the defense side. This is done when someone charged would like to plead to a lesser charge or have their penalties reduced in exchange for a guilty plea. An experienced criminal defense attorney will know how to negotiate on your behalf and will explain the advantages and potential consequences of any plea deal that may be offered including the concept that you do not have to take any deal if you do not agree to it. 

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Inform You of How the Courts Are Run 

Every court has its own pace and personality. Your attorney will be able to tell you what is happening and keep you informed of how your case is proceeding including how the evidence is being handled, when pre-trial dates are, and what you can expect in the future. Valuable insight can be given on how long things could take, what your best options are, and what to expect each time you have a court date. 

Prep For Trial 

Lawyers are always preparing for what will come next. In order to prepare for trial, they will ensure that you know what to expect in the courtroom. This includes what will be asked of you, how you should act, and what each step of the way will look and feel like. The more prepared you are, the better you will handle the stress of the case. 

Criminal defense lawyers are juggling many parts of a case at once from paperwork to examining evidence and preparing for trial day. You may not always see the action as much of it is done behind the scenes but know that your criminal defense team is working hard to get the best outcome for you.