The world of criminal law can be a confusing one especially if you are facing a court case that could determine your future freedom or financial consequences. The terminology alone can be imposing and the process may seem unfamiliar if you are dealing with it for the first time. 

A good criminal defense attorney has years of experience both dealing with prosecutors and the legal system to understand the ins and outs of the process. What is it that your lawyer wants you to know about this process to get you the outcome you want and make the process go smoothly? Let’s examine inside the world of criminal defense and what your lawyer wants you to know as your case proceeds. 


Be Forthright and Honest

In order to represent you in the best possible light and get the outcome you desire without any surprises along the way, you must be honest and forthright with your legal team. That means telling them every detail related to your case, even the details that may be embarrassing or show you in a bad light. 

Without knowing all the details, your case could be in jeopardy as it proceeds through the court system. Do not hide information, embellish recounts of the events, or omit anything in the hopes that it will not be remembered. Honesty will help your lawyer understand the complete event and circumstances to put you in the best position. 

Trust Your Lawyer

Your lawyer and legal team are your advocates and they are looking out for your best interests in the case that is being made against you. 

Your legal counsel has the experience, knowledge and expertise to do what is best for you in the case being made by the prosecution. They are the person or people you can trust 100% in your case. 

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Don’t Waste Time or Money 

Since most lawyers work on a pay structure that includes hourly billing, save yourself some time and money by not checking in daily with them. Charges for phone consultations can add up, so record your questions and plan your next consultation so you can get everything answered efficiently and productively. 

Remember your legal team has other clients and may need to focus on another court case before yours is even scheduled. Be patient and know that your lawyer is giving their all to your case given their schedule. 

Bring Your Manners To Court 

Courtrooms are official areas where serious incidents are being handled in a legal format. 

Your lawyer wants you to understand the seriousness of a courtroom and the judicial system. In that regard, they also want you to bring your manners to the courtroom which includes respect for the judge or magistrate, being presentable and speaking when asked a question without any loud outbursts. 

Criminal cases are serious and can impact a person’s future. Listen to your lawyer, trust them, follow their directions and be as forthright as possible so that your case can be strong and get you the outcome you desire.