Meeting with a lawyer for the initial consultation can be nerve-wracking and stressful. Preparing questions regarding your case, the process and what you can expect at each step of the way can take some of the stress out of your initial visit.

To prepare yourself and help make the consultation go smoothly, here are a few questions you may want to discuss with your legal counsel to better understand your case, the timeline of the process and what you can expect the representation to cost. 


What Experience Do You Have With This Type of Case? 

In order to be comfortable with your legal counsel, it is important that you know the level of experience they have in handling a case like yours. You will want to know how many cases they have tried in court or what alternative methods they have used to have the case come to a resolution. 

Find out the number of years your lawyer has been practicing in Massachusetts, what typical outcomes their clients have received, and what similarities they see in those cases to yours. 

What Strategy Do You Plan To Use In My Case? 

It is important to discuss with your lawyer the facts of the case and what strategy would work to get you the outcome you desire. Discuss possible alternatives to taking the case to court such as settlement, remediation, or pleading to a lesser charge depending on the type and scope of the case. 

Be sure to take an honest look at both the strengths and weaknesses of the case so you have a good idea of what could happen as the case progresses. 


How Long Will The Case Take To Be Resolved? 

While your lawyer probably won’t be able to give you a definitive answer to this question, they may be able to give you a general timeline of what may happen and how long it could take. It is a good question to ask as lawyers who handle cases typically have a good sense of the court’s process and common timeline. 

Who Will Be Handling My Case? 

While you may initially meet with one lawyer, there may be other lawyers who will work on your case. Ask who you should talk to if you have questions and who will be the point person when issues arise. 

What Is The Likely Outcome of the Case? 

Lawyers are not mind readers and cannot predict the outcome of the case. However, they can give you a sense of how strong or weak your case is compared to other cases they have taken on. They should give you a realistic and honest view of how likely it is that you could get the outcome you desire. 

What Should My Role Be In The Case? 

As someone facing a criminal case, you should be aware of the role that you can play in your defense. Ask your legal counsel what you can do to help them prepare for your trial or negotiation. Your role may differ depending upon the type of case but you can certainly help by giving all information needed to your lawyer promptly. 

How Much Will This Cost? 

While the total number is probably not possible, your lawyer will give you a general sense through a discussion of fee structure whether it is an hourly, flat rate or an alternative. 

Your first consultation with your legal counsel should be an open and honest discussion about your case as well as any concerns you may have. Use this guide to help you plan for your initial visit and be confident in your legal defense. Contact us should you need legal advice or counsel in a case.