Attorney Conway handles all matters originating in Lowell, MA that find their way to the District or Middlesex Superior Court.

Attorney Patrick Conway represents people in all stages of the criminal justice system and related issues. This includes felony and misdemeanor charges, clerk’s hearings, traffic tickets, restraining orders, and probation violations.

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Casey V.
I don't know where to start. But when looking for an attorney to represent you, you want someone who will fight harder than you!!! When you feel like giving up, he's someone who picks you up when you feel like giving up. Someone who no matter what life throws at you, can put everything aside and make you feel like you're the only client they have. Someone you can cry to. Someone who will fight to the end of the earth for you. Patrick Conway is your attorney and he checks off all of these. At the most hardest times in my life, he never gave up on me. That's who you want to fight for you. Someone who never gives up and is up for a challenge. I highly recommend him! If you need legal help, he is your attorney.
Jadeliz F.
My experience with working with Patrick Conway was a great one. He was very caring, honest and as well very helpful for anything I needed help with. Overall with my situation, He was the one that got me the help I needed and gave me information that would help me out in the future. I just wanna say that he is Fantastic to work with and he is definitely someone I can now count on for future support if needed.
Jason M.
Attorney Conway was able to dive into my case. Figure out what needed to be done. Had plans for me if needed, but he knew my case was won before our additional steps needed to be taken. So grateful for the awesome representation!
Joseph Crist
Incredible attorney that is always going for your best interest listens to his clients worries and makes a bad situation a lot better. One of the nicest men I've ever met in my life. He walked me through the process and came out with the best possible scenario. Mr.Conway, should be everyone's first choice for lawyers.
Kathania V.
I'd recommend Attorney Conway as the first go-to for anything regarding the law! He's caring, honest, trustworthy, and dependable.
Matt V.
Amazing service from Attorney Conway. A granite company installed granite in my home and damaged my floor and walls. When I refused to pay full price because of the damage, they filed a claim against me. Not only did Attorney Conway successfully defend me, he won a counterclaim for my damages. He is extremely intelligent, prepared and professional. The cost of his service was very reasonable.