Most of us go about our daily lives without consciously thinking about how we are ruled by certain laws and regulations. We drive our cars, go to work, and take part in social activities not always aware on a moment-by-moment basis that laws impact many of our behaviors. These are rules of the road, workplace guidelines, or even as we enjoy an alcoholic beverage with friends at a local pub. That is until something happens to jolt us into the legal world and the court system. 

There are many situations in our life when a lawyer may not be needed, but there are many times when an experienced attorney’s legal expertise and guidance can make a financial and legal difference in our lives. 

Often the complexity and immediacy of the circumstances dictate whether legal representation is needed, but there are also certain types of cases where having an attorney who specializes in your issue is vital to winning your case. The determination of whether you need to hire a lawyer, therefore, goes well beyond if you are over your head legally speaking, or if your opponent has legal representation.

Let’s take a look at when you may need a lawyer and how to determine when legal advice is necessary. 

pointing hand in a discussion at desk with handcuffs on desk

You’ve Been Arrested Or Charged With A Crime 

One of the more obvious indicators that an attorney is needed to mount your defense is that you have been arrested and formally charged with a crime. From domestic abuse to DUI or from a firearm charge to assault, having an attorney on your side who understands the laws of the state can help you navigate the legal system. 

Lawyers can help you gather evidence, explain the legal proceedings, and provide options that can protect your legal rights. Not only can a lawyer help you navigate a complicated court system, but they can also provide a level of support that comes with years of experience dealing with similar cases. 

You’ve Been Served With a Lawsuit 

Sometimes the need for a lawyer doesn’t come from charges or an arrest, but rather a lawsuit in which you are a named party. 

If you have been served papers in a legal dispute, it is a smart choice to consult a lawyer who can explain the legal jargon and determine if you need legal representation. Often civil matters include lawsuits and can be costly or have legal ramifications should you lose. 

man grabbing woman's arm in a domestic dispute

Family Circumstances Have Changed 

Divorce, death, and adoption all involve rather complicated legal paperwork. Divorce, in particular, comes with many complexities including dividing assets, child support, and potential allegations of domestic violence. 

Adoption on the other hand, while a more positive experience, also involves legal paperwork and experience dealing with family courts and potentially different countries’ legal systems depending upon where the baby is being adopted from. 

When dealing with death and beneficiaries of a will, it is best to have a lawyer complete the will and handle the probate aspect of the situation as emotions tend to run high and legal expertise can help make the process go a little smoother.  

An Accident With Bodily Injury Or Property Damage 

While the most common type of incident with bodily injury and property damage is a car accident, a lawyer may be needed in many other circumstances, such as a dog bite, a slip-and-fall, or an injury from a defective product. Having an attorney on your side can help with legal proceedings, mediation, and handling insurance claims. 

Complex Business Matters 

For those in the business world who deal with acquisitions, taxes, and other weighty business dealings, a lawyer should be a part of your team to ensure that financial and business laws are being followed. 

If you are in doubt regarding a legal matter and whether you need an attorney, talk to us at Patrick Conway Law and we will help advise you on your specific circumstance.