Finding out that there is a warrant for your arrest can be alarming and overwhelming. Often the first knowledge of this is when law enforcement shows up at your home to make the arrest. But what if you have prior knowledge that a warrant has been placed? What should you do? 

Let’s examine what you should do, and what can legally protect you the most if you find yourself in this situation. 


What Is An Arrest Warrant? 

An arrest warrant is a legal document issued by either a judge or magistrate on behalf of the state authorizing the arrest and detention of an individual or perhaps the search and seizure of an individual’s property.

Arrest warrants are often issued for many reasons including failure to appear for a court date or for jury duty, a violation of probation conditions, violation of a restraining order, or probable cause that you committed a felony. Ignoring an arrest warrant is not an option. If you wait for law enforcement to catch up with you, the time and place may be very inconvenient such as your home or place of employment. 

Retain An Attorney 

The first thing upon hearing that there is a warrant for your arrest, is to retain the services of legal counsel. 

Find an experienced criminal attorney who can supply advice on what to do, be present during the arrest as well as during police questioning. This legal counsel will also attend all court hearings with you. Having representation is key to having a sound legal strategy. 

judicial gavel and scales

Plan A Surrender 

With the assistance of your legal counsel, plan a surrender time and day. With some pre-planning your attorney will most likely be able to arrange a surrender and the possibility to bond out as soon as the case is processed. 

Follow the Guidance of Legal Counsel 

Many defendants panic upon hearing that there is an open warrant for their arrest. Stay calm and trust in your legal counsel. They will advise you on next steps and be with you in your surrender, plea hearing and for future court cases. 

It is important to follow the guidance of your attorney as they have experience and expertise in dealing with the criminal legal system. They know the processes and law. This knowledge can help in your legal defense and strategy going forward. 

Should you need assistance with an active or open warrant for your arrest, contact us at the Law Office of Patrick Conway and allow us to represent you in this legal matter.